MN License #EA004546
why clients choose us

We keep

We guarantee our work!
We are exclusive!
  • Because we take a lead role in the electrical industry, and as every good leader knows, success comes from serving others;
  • Because we put you first and schedule appointments at your convenience;
  • Because we are continually examining our own operation so that we can find ways to better serve you, our client; and
  • Because we employ only the best qualified electricians.  We offer on-going training for our electricians and office staff to ensure that you receive the Covenant Electric promise.
We pay attention!

We do not have a purpose without our clients.  Our covenant is to deliver what you want, on time and within budget! We can only achieve this by paying attention.

We keep our covenant!

Nothing else that we do is of any worth to you, the client, if we do not follow-through on our covenant - the Covenant Electric promise.   So we guarantee our work.  We discuss any problem or anxiety you may have with any project, and we work with you to reach a mutual resolution.