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lighting services
Lighting has a powerful effect on:
client willingness
- and -
work productivity
The Correct Lighting is Powerful.
The most overlooked and neglected part of business operations today is lighting.
Not only is lighting an ever-growing expense, it also has a powerful effect on the satisfaction of your clients and the efficiency of your employees.
Our Solutions Conserve Energy.
Covenant Electric supplies quality, efficient solutions for all your lighting needs.
With a holistic approach we provide an on-site analysis for your current system to determine areas where energy efficiency may be maximized.
We know that in the relative scheme of things, a small short-term investment today can pay long-term dividends.   We are committed to providing energy-efficient service and solutions beyond the expected in areas such as:
Lighting Design, Installation and Maintenance
Group Revamping Lighting
Cleaning Programs
Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofits
Emergency Lighting Maintenance
Fiber optic Lighting
We supply all of the lighting management solutions you will ever need.