MN License #EA004546
visual inspection services

Our visual inspections include:
  a check on the condition of your electrical equipment and material.
  a check on the condition of the installation itself.
Thorough Visual Inspections.
A thorough visual inspection will be made of electrical equipment that is not concealed.

Our visual inspections include a check on the condition of your electrical equipment and the installation and takes the following factors into account:
Wear and Tear,
Damage and Corrosion,
Overloading and Overheating,
Suitability and Age,
Effectiveness (i.e. does it work).
An inspection will be made of accessible parts of the installation which include:
  • switchgear,
  • distribution boards, and
  • a sample of luminary points and receptacle outlets to ensure that the terminal connections of the conductors are properly installed and secured.

Our visual inspections include:
  • the examination of flexible cables and cords for damage or defects together with inspection of terminations, mechanical support and protection.
  • The means of identification of each conductor, including equipment ground, will be verified.
  • The insulation and protective covering of each conductor at each distribution board of the electrical installation and at a sample of switches, luminaries, receptacle outlets and other parts will be inspected to determine their condition and advised on.