• 5 Situations Where You Need an Electrician

    5 Situations Where You Need an Electrician

    Homeowners take on a lot of DIY projects to make their home comfortable but there are some projects that you should never do your and anything to do with electricity tops that list.  Here are 5 situations where you need an electrician to take care of the work for you.

    Building a New Home

    When you are building a new home and even if you are your own general contractor you will still need an electrician to come in and do the wiring for you.  For those in the Vancouver area, a top-rated electrician that you can trust is ProAmp Electric in Coquitlam. The work needs to be done to code and it will have to be inspected by the municipality before construction can continue.  At the same time, you can have your electrician wire your home for internet, home theater systems and you can wire a smart home.

    Remodeling and Additions

    Just like new construction additions and remodels will need an electrician to come in and do the wiring for you.  Upgrades to your kitchen, or refinishing basements may require wiring to accommodate new appliances or lighting.  You may need additional circuits added to the electrical panel to handle the additional load.  Adding on to your home also means more electricity will be needed, and just like new construction, the work will need to be inspected and up to code.

    Older Homes

    Building codes change over time and if you own a home built in the 80s or earlier then your wiring is not going to meet current building codes.  Older wiring and outdated electrical panels can’t handle modern electricity demands.  New wiring can help prevent fires and shocks every time you touch a light switch.

    New Lighting or Appliances

    If you want to upgrade the lighting in your kitchen to track lights or pot lights then you will need a licensed electrician to come into your home.  It may look like a fairly easy DIY project but it isn’t, always get a pro to come in and make sure the job is done right.

    Storm Damage

    Even if you don’t live in an area that is prone to hurricanes or tornadoes, storms can still knock down trees and cut power lines.  When this happens on your property then you need a licensed electrician to fix the issue for you.  If your insurance company is handling the claim then they won’t settle for anything but a licensed, insured, and bonded electrician.

    Electricity is not something to mess around with, aside from the dangers to yourself working with electricity when you don’t know what you’re doing, bad wiring can start a fire and cause other problems in your home.

  • Rewiring to a Smart Home

    Rewiring to a Smart Home

    If you have ever watched the film Ironman you have probably wanted your own Jarvis, as it turns out you don’t need to be a billionaire to have your own voice-activated smart home.  If you’re building a new home then you can put in the right wiring as you build.  If you own an older home rewiring to a smart home can easily be done.  Let’s look at what you need and how you can get your own personal Jarvis.

    The Right Wiring

    The first step to getting a new smart home is with the right wiring to power your automated systems and devices.  Once you have the wiring in place everything can connect seamlessly.  Getting in an electrician that specializes in smart homes can save you time, money, and a heap of frustration.  Smart homes need what is called “Structured Wiring” and that will give you a whole network that includes audio, video, home automation, and even your security systems.  Here are some of the elements of a smart home that you can include.

    New Home or Older Home

    When you’re building a new home you have the advantage of being able to put in any electrical configuration you like, it’s a blank slate.  You can put together your plans well ahead of time and there are no limitations beyond what you can afford.  In an older home, you have to be cautious about cutting holes into walls and disrupting your life.  Nonetheless, you can rewire your home without ripping down walls.

    Follow these steps for an existing home:

    1. Run Ethernet and Coax Cable Where Needed: Depending on what types of devices that you plan to put in your home and that you want to control from one central app then you will need to run the right cabling to them.  Ethernet cable connects to anything that is going on your home network and that isn’t Bluetooth capable.  For instance, home controllers, any touch screens, and even some of your appliances.  If you want to connect thermostats or your lights then your electrician may be able to work with your existing wiring.
    2. Home Security Systems: First you want to check with the manufacturer to see what is needed.  Most modern security systems can use a wireless connection.  All of your automated locks, motion detectors, video doorbells can all use Wi-Fi and be controlled from an app on your phone.
    3. Audio and Video Connections: If you are running traditional cable or satellite into your home then you may need some coax running to your entertainment center. Although today most providers offer a streaming option where you can strictly use a wireless connection.  Your sound system can also be wired in but you are better off going with a Bluetooth connection, it makes it easier to upgrade in the future.

    Talk with a local electrician that knows and understands smart technology.  While many devices can be connected wirelessly you may still need some electrical upgrades to accommodate your needs.